Diamond Operations

Davidoff Heritage Diamonds LLC aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience for its customers. The firm stocks diamonds from 1 point in rounds, all fancy shapes and fancy colored diamonds to large stones over 10 carats, again in all shapes. To satisfy clients’ needs, it carries a large variety of qualities and receives supplies almost daily from the major cutting centers of the world. That means that with just one phone call, customers can fulfill all their diamond needs rather than having to call several suppliers, each specializing in different items. The company has built its reputation on providing customers with a full range of consistently high-quality goods that fit the customers’ timeframe. The company has hundreds of certified stones from 0.50 carats and larger. Davidoff Heritage Diamonds LLC  ensures that it always has a large inventory of matched fancies, including heart and pear shapes, trillions, ovals, and emerald cuts in matched pairs. In addition, it has an extensive stock of straight and tapered baguettes and princess cut stones to help jewelers create the perfect layout, or repair any piece of jewelry. It offers bagging service usually on a same-day basis, overnight delivery, and memo service.